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You Never Have to go to Court

We at The Legal Rights Advocates, know that your case is probably the largest, most important thing on your mind right now.

Whether you are more concerned with Criminal Penalties, Driver License Issues or having a criminal record, this case is the 'monkey on your back.'

Given this fact, not only do we make all of the necessary notifications (DMV, Court, Prosecutor's Office), but it is our goal to assure that you're time is not unnecessarily wasted. That is why, we offer to go to Court without need of your presence.

We are able to do this on Misdemeanor DUI cases only. The law that allows us to do this is 977(a) of the California Penal Code (see below).

CPC 977. (a) (1)" In all cases in which the accused is charged with a

misdemeanor only, he or she may appear by counsel only..."

Some clients say, "I want the Judge and the prosecutor to know that I am serious about the case and so maybe I should come to court with you."

This rationale is commendable, but the truth of the matter is that we negotiate with the prosecutor and the Judge (when appropriate), well before they would see you in court or even know that you are there. Dismissals and plea reductions and agreements are made without the knowledge of your presence.

This is routinely done and is not an 'eye brow raising' situation in court at all. Therefore, we would rather not disrupt your work, school or home life for what might be 1-5 different court dates. We would rather have you attend when it really counts, the final court date in your case. However, it is your case, and if you would like to attend court with us anyway, we would be more than happy to have you do just that..it's all up to you.

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