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We want you to know of a legal right that you have regarding your criminal conviction(s). This legal right would allow you to ‘Wipe The Slate Clean.’ You have the right to request a Judge to essentially erase your criminal conviction from you record. This right is called EXPUNGEMENT.

Expungement acts as a legal ‘eraser’ which will allow you to answer "NO" when asked if you were ever convicted of a crime on any application for employment* and to have the piece of mind that your record is once again as ‘clean as a whistle.’

How does it work? We author, a legal motion, which is based upon a Penal Code section 1203.4. This motion is presented to a Judge in the court that originally convicted you. When the Judge grants your motion, he allows us to take back your original "guilty" or "no contest" plea. This opens the case again as if it were new. The Judge then dismisses the case. Therefore, no conviction ever happened, because it relates back in time to the exact date that you were originally convicted! This is no loop hole. It is a right afforded to you as a matter of law, but not everyone knows about it, except the legal community and a select few who have heard about it from others!

Basically, you are eligible to make the expungement request if:

  1. You are no longer on probation for the offense you want expunged,
  2. You are not on probation for anything else,
  3. You have no new open criminal cases
  4. You have led an honest life.

We will petition the court to expunge (remove) any or all criminal convictions that you may have. For each criminal conviction that you have, a separate motion must be completed and presented to the court. 1 motion for 1 conviction to be expunged.

We will do everything for you from start to finish. You need not come to the office, you do not even need to call. The information questionnaire below will give us all of the information necessary to expunge your conviction(s). If you do not have all of the requested information, just fill in what you do know and we will research the rest.

Each conviction is assigned a one time only flat rate fee which includes the court's filing fees as well. The flat rate for one conviction is $750.00. The rate of $500.00 is assigned to any additional convictions that you wish to also expunge. For example, if you have 3 convictions to be expunged, it will take 3 separate motions and the fees of $750.00 + $500.00 + $500.00 and so on. Depending upon the court, there is a modest, mandatory filing fee as well.

Note: Felony Convictions- If your conviction was a Felony (as opposed to a misdemeanor), then the Court requires an additional motion to reduce the conviction to a misdemeanor, prior to expunging it from your record. This motion is an additional $1000.00 fee.

Note: If you are still on probation, you may have us file a separate motion to end probation early, prior to the motion to expunge. This early termination of probation is an additional motion fee of $500.00 as well and is required if you are still on probation, but want your record expunged early.

The fee can be paid by check or credit card, however, no payment plans are offered for this service. Checks should be made out to: THE LEGAL RIGHTS ADVOCATES. Simply send into the office or fax the attached information sheet with credit card info & signature and we will immediately file the necessary petition(s) to the court on your behalf.

Just highlight the form below, copy and paste & print on your word processing document (Word or Word Perfect etc...) or print this page or include all requested info into our contact us page to e mail us the information. Otherwise, fill out the questionnaire below and fax it to (818)-887-3407 (Expungement Office); attach additional info sheets if you wish to expunge more than one conviction.

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